Phone: +31 06 43 13 25 28
Phone: +31 06 43 13 25 28

This unique program is tailored according to your personal and professional needs. Your specific requirements and interests will be incorporated into your personalized Dutch language program. Industry-specific programs are available for those wishing to improve their Dutch fluency for professional reasons.

Duration: 3 hour minimum

Price: Starts at 150€ a package, all inclusive.

Each session will consist of

  • Introduction: vocabulary and grammar
  • Practical: A “field trip” to practice and reinforce new skills in real-world situations.
  • Relevant feedback from instructor, evaluations, topics for further study and recommendations.


Possible scenarios

All lessons will be planned according to the needs of the student
  • shopping
  • getting around -transportation dos and don'ts
  • real estate
  • job hunting, reading ads
  • school and educational system (for parents with children)
  • getting your driver's licence