Why would I sign up for private lessons instead of a class?

  • You make long hours and have an irregular schedule. It is easy to fall behind in a group lesson if you haven’t had time to do homework or had to miss classes. You are basically at mercy of your instructor and the needs of the other students. Through the unique way YouDaywithMay is designed, you have each and every class tailored to your needs, taught when and where you want it.


Why would I want lessons from you, May?

  • Well, I am definitely not an average language teacher. I was born in Amsterdam, but raised bilingually speaking Dutch and English. I am a former expat myself, have a PhD in Comparative Literature from New York University, and have taught several languages and literatures at universities in the United States and Canada. I can relate to your need to quickly become adjusted to your new life in the Netherlands and I can give you lots of practical advice about living in Amsterdam. You won’t get a boring traditional language class from me!
  • And if that’s not enough, I can teach in English, Spanish or Portuguese, as desired. I am a member of the Beroepsvereniging Nederlands als tweede taal and have followed numerous workshops on teaching Dutch as a second language.


And how much do you charge for Dutch lessons?

  • First we schedule an intake, which is free of cost and without any obligation. Prices: one lesson of 90 minutes is 60 euro’s. A special package of fifteen hours costs only 400 euros, to be paid upfront in full.


Why should I pay for private Dutch lessons if I can take a group lesson at a lower cost?

While private lessons may seem more expensive at first, many students find they ultimately spend less money (and time) because they learn faster and need fewer lessons overall.


Where do you teach?

The concept of private lessons allows us to break away from the traditional classroom setting. I can come to your office or home, but many students like to meet in a quiet coffee place or restaurant of their choice. There is no travel time charge for meetings in the center of Amsterdam or within easy cycling distance.