Your day with May

May will make your day... fun!
learn Nederlands and have fun in the process

Your Day with May is going to help you get along. That neighbor of yours with the cat? You’ll be able to ask her – nicely, and in perfect Dutch – if she could please keep the beast out of your petunia patch. And the fellow downstairs with the boat and the seemingly inexhaustible collection of house music that all sounds the same when cranked up to 11? He’s actually a pretty good fellow, when you get to know him. Which you could do over a biertje at the local brown bar, if only you could crack the Dutch code. And what about that job, with the salary that would make Bruce Wayne blush and 8 weeks of paid vacation? That would be yours BY RIGHT if only you spoke the mother tongue of your adopted home.

Come talk to May and learn the local lingo in a fun, fascinating way: May’s Way, from Your Day with May!