More false friends!

In my previous  blog  I told you about the dangers of wanting to practice Dutch with natives who don’t know anything about language instruction . More false friends now, although these are quit different: words that look very similar, yet have a different meaning. When Dutch kids  study German in highschool they have to memorize pages of this tricky vocabulary. We all know that Dutch and German are quite alike, but really not the same.Oftenhowever, English speakers are happily unaware about their vocabulary false friends .So many words are quite similar. Yes, that is true, but sometimes words can be tricky, both in Dutch and English .A Dutch friend of mine told some American friends once that she did not like wearing panties! She did not know that panties in the States means underwear, whereas in Dutch it means pantyhose…

Here is a list of some false friends, do you know any more?

de beer=bear
moed=courage, nerve
de wet=law
de pet=cap, (i.e.small hat)
de band=tire
de talk=baby powder
de arts=doctor
de mug=mosquito
brutaal=cheeky, bold
de brand=fire
het dier=animal
slim=clever, smart
smal=narrow (sometimes thin)
de trap=stairs, staircase, step (if ‘de’ word); kick (if ‘het’ word)
actueel=current, topical, nowadays
de eekhoorn=squirrel
het magazijn=warehouse
het monster=sample
raar=odd, strange, weird
de chef=boss (has nothing to do with cooking)
de mening=opinion
laatst=latest, most recent; (also means last)
de file=traffic jam
de map=file
de kaart=map
braaf=good, obedient

And make sure to memorize these question words! hoe= how; wie =who

Veel succes!